Patriot Chronicle provides information on news events. We aim to share stories that are not covered by traditional media.   We believe that as media companies have consolidated the number of voices covering current events is too low for a healthy democracy. In 1983, 90% of American media was controlled by 50 companies. Through mergers and acquisitions that number has been reduced to just 6 companies (GE, News-Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS) that control 90% of American media.

Additionally, as the companies covering the news have grown in size they often have a stake in the very stories they are covering. To make matters worse the CEOs and Boards of Directors for these companies have a large degree of overlap. Perhaps unconsciously, this overlap leads to our media reporting the same types of stories often with very similar viewpoints. Patriot Chronicle is an independent news source. This independence allows us to provide a counterpoint to the mainstream news.

If you know of a story that needs to get exposure please contact us.

When submitting stories please send multiple sources if possible. People sending us stories without sources or references are difficult to use. Pictures and video are also helpful, especially if you are submitting a story about your local area. So, for example, if you feel your city is enacting a overly burdensome or inane regulation a picture related to what they are regulating or a video of the city council meeting is very helpful. Videos don’t have to be professionally done but a steady hand is helpful so the video doesn’t feel jerky. Also only talk during the video if you want your voice used.

For stories submitted to Patriot Chronicle you can either send us the topic or you can write the article if you feel there are important points that need to be made or if you are more familiar with the subject matter. For instance, if the local government is harassing a business and you have been familiar with the situation for the last few years it might be better if you write the article. But please note we don’t publish everything that is submitted to us.

We accept opinion pieces, but again please remember we don’t publish everything that is submitted to us. Also we will always reject pieces that condone violence and criminal activity. By sending us your piece you are giving us permission to publish it on this site.

For any other questions or concerns feel free to contact us.

Site Policies :

No comments or posts that promote or condone violence. Additionally no comments or posts that promote or condone bigotry. If you see such a post or comment please report it through our contact us page.

We welcome complaints pointing out errors that need correction (inaccurate information, grammatical errors, etc). To report a problem use our Contact Form

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