Actress Kirstie Alley Makes Presidential Endorsement, Liberal Hollywood Freaks Out

Kirstie Alley, an actress known for her starring role on the sitcom Cheers has been known as “an eccentric person who is conservative.” According to Alley, she wanted “someone who will rev us up and make us pay attention” for the 2016 presidential contest. That is why she has endorsed the current Republican presidential front-runner, Donald Trump.

“HELLO BOYS! This is my formal endorsement of @realDonaldTrump & I’m a woman! (last I checked) And Rudy, U R amazing!” Twitter was filled with plenty of people who were upset by her presidential endorsement including Ben Basche, product manager at Drizly, who tweeted, “Remarkable unity of morons behind Trump impressive.” Later Philip Mathews commented “What is it with these ancient sitcom stars and Trump?” This tweet seemed to be directly referencing not only Kirstie Alley by Scott Baio, an actor from the popular sitcome Happy Days.

 Kirstie Alley took up her critics by tweeting “If Ur ‘disappointed in me’ Or can’t hang w me because of my be it..U wer never a friend in the 1st place. I respect ALL my friends.” Dozens of people started commenting back, some positive, some negative. One of those responses was “Waaaahoooo!! Now it’s gettin all wild around here!! Carry on then crawl back to your mom’s basement..ur dinners ready!!!!”  Alley seemed to be tickled at everyone who was tweeting hate filled things towards herself. “Go figure..In the last 12 hours I’ve gotten THOUSANDS of Hate tweets from team “Liberal peace & love”… ironic.”

In early January, Kirstie Alley had given Donald J. Trump praise for “waking this country up. I think that’s a really great step for this country because this country’s gotten very complacent.” “The same people who admire and revere celebrities will turn against them in a heartbeat if they come out as a Republican,” Alicia Powe wrote on Young Conservatives. “Trump for example has been in the public eye for decades and Hollywood liberals never hesitated to go on The Celebrity Apprentice. But now that Trump is a Republican candidate he is demonized as racist and sexist. Hollywood is a very tough, unpopular, and lonely place to live and work for a conservative. Kudos to Kirstie for holding her own in those Tweets.”

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