When Al Sharpton Is Asked Why He Hasn’t Paid His Taxes His Response is …. Racism?

Al Sharpton Taxes

Al Sharpton has come under scrutiny after it was established that he owed more than four and a half million dollars in back taxes. The reason that he feels that he doesn’t have to pay those taxes is the same reason as every other bad thing that happens to a person in this country. It’s his skin color that is to blame.

According to Sharpton,

“Every time there is a Sean Bell or a Ferguson or a Trayvon Martin, we go through my taxes. It’s the same agreement, y’all.”

Sharpton, who was demoted recently from hosting ‘Politics Nation’ from daily to once a week on Sunday mornings, has been embedding himself in controversial topics for almost thirty years. His claim has been consistent with every case, and can be summed up with the internet meme, “It’s because I’m black, isn’t it?”

His claim to fame started in the eighties when joined Alton Maddox and Vernon Mason to raise public awareness about the Tawana Brawley case. Brawley, fifteen at the time, fabricated a story that she had been repeatedly raped by six white men, including one police officer. Sharpton helped create mistrust amongst the black community of police officers by accusing white officials and state government officials of trying to cover up the case.

When Brawley’s story began to fall apart because the evidence did not support it, it was eventually thrown out. Sharpton was then sued successfully for defamation of character and ordered to pay $65,000. That fine has since been paid for by his supporters in 2001.

Sharpton stepped into the spotlight again when he claimed that race was involved in the 1999 fatal shooting of Amadou Diallo by four New York City police officers. After being acquitted charges, Al Sharpton made the statement,

This is not the end; this is just the beginning.”

Sharpton’s next case was in 2006 when three white Duke-lacrosse players were accused of sexually assaulting a black woman who worked as a stripper. It was determined later that the supposed victim, Crystal Gail Mangum, fabricated the story, and again the evidence did not support the facts. The case was finally dismissed, and ended with the prosecutor, Mike Nifong, being disbarred after he was found guilty of ethics violations during the case.

Al Sharpton appeared on the O’Reilly factor with Bill O’Reilly to make the claim that the motivation could have been racist. He said,

“…I think that when you look at the racial atmosphere, when you look at the fact that there again were allegations of racial statements, when you look at a lot of people feeling that they have been treated differently, where this girl has basically had a character charged in the media, there is a lot of racism that’s in the air.”

Sharpton then stuck himself into the middle of the Trayvon Martin campaign, and tried to prove the point that the reason Trayvon was targeted, was because he was black. George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman accused of slaying the teen was acquitted of all charges, and it was established that Trayvon may have assaulted Zimmerman prior to the shooting.

Next, Sharpton decided to jump into the Michael Brown case. In that case, a ‘gentle giant’ robbed a convenient store, and then was killed after assaulting a police officer about ten minutes later. Sharpton made claims insinuating that it was because Michael Brown was black that he was ‘targeted’ by police. He gave his famous, “No justice, no peace,” statement after Officer Darren Wilson was acquitted of any wrongdoing in the case.

Considering that Al Sharpton, Race Ambassador to the Obama administration has become the poster child of the little boy who cried, “It’s because of skin color!” it should come as no surprise that he blames people looking into his non-payment of taxes as racism.

Source: US Herald

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