Al Sharpton Is Getting Fired For This Ironic Reason

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Al Sharpton has been no stranger to accusing other people of racial discrimination, but is rarely on the receiving end of the accusations.

After years of race-baiting antics, MSNBC has finally decided to let Sharpton go from his prime-time show after he was named in a $20 billion dollar discrimination lawsuit. The irony is that after years of calling others discriminatory racists, Sharpton is losing his position at MSNBC over alleged discriminating practices.

The race Race Ambassador to the Obama Administration has accused prosecutors, police, college sports players, political parties, Wall Street, business executives, and corporations, just to name a few, as either discriminatory against minorities or flat out racists.

He was there, in Ferguson, to instigate trouble when Michael Brown was fatally shot after robbing a convenient store and assaulting a police officer. “No justice, no peace,” he called out.

He was there to create mistrust between the Black Community and the New York City Police Department when he advanced the lies of Tawana Brawley.

He was there to demand Sony Executive Amy Pascal apologize to him personally in order to receive forgiveness for racially insensitive Emails that she had sent from her account.

He was there to defend the ‘rape victim’ of the Duke Lacrosse team, Crystal Gail Mangum, who worked as a stripper, dancer, and escort. He appeared on national television to explain that race was a big factor in the case before having all of the facts. Mangum was later discovered to have fabricated her story, but only after destroying the reputation and finances of the Duke Lacrosse players who were forced to defend themselves.

He was there to call Jewish people “diamond merchants” who had the “blood of innocent babies” on their hands after a Hasidic Jew accidentally killed an African-American child in a car accident.

His career has been filled with hateful and racist rhetoric, and it is only karma that he is losing his position after a lawsuit of discrimination is filed against him.


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