Angry Sheriffs Says Feds Are Forcing Them to Release Illegals

Priority Enforcement Program.  Sounds nice doesn’t it?  Strict almost.  It even has a nice acronym attached to it:  P.E.P.  Like a rally in high school where you would cheer on your team for the game that Friday, or how you feel after drinking a large coffee on your way to work.  All good things.  What you wouldn’t think it would be is a federal program that allows for the release of thousands of illegal immigrants across our country that have committed crimes (you know outside of coming here illegally) against the will of the authorities.  But, that’s exactly what it is.

Recently on Laura Ingraham’s talk radio program Jackson County’s Sheriff, Andy “AJ” Louderback (most recent past president of The Sheriff’s Association of Texas) said that the congressionally mandated programs that used to govern how ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency) dealt with criminal aliens, have been eliminated.  The “Secured Communities Program” and the 287(g) program (the more aggressive of the two) have both been shuttered in favor of the new and more milquetoast, P.E.P.

Now for clarification Ingraham asked why P.E.P. was a far more dangerous plan when it came to dealing with illegals.  This was his reply:

“Imagine a government program where only this select class of criminal aliens, those are folks that are in this country illegally, and then commit crimes against persons or property in the United States. As Texas sheriffs, we are being forced under PEP … the real horror of it, is that it excludes tens of thousands of criminal aliens, folks who have committed crimes. They are no longer going to be picked up by ICE. So we are letting them out of our county jails across the nation.”

He further added, “So when we have a program like this, put on us by the federal government, where now our citizens, and of course, every week or so we are seeing where another murder has occurred by a criminal alien that has been left here in the United States. We are afraid, we just don’t have the information out to the general public about what the consequences of what the PEP does to our citizens.”

As you can see the continual revolving door program that the Obama administration forces upon the American people is wreaking more levels of havoc all over the country. One could surmise by his policies alone that instead of fighting for the rights of the “oppressed” he is instead manufacturing the destruction of a country he vehemently hates. It’s not only in words that you determine the quality and intentions of a man, but also through his actions.

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