Bill Clinton Went Off Script Went Addressing Black Lives Matter And Forgot To Grovel, Hillary Is Going To Be Pissed

Former President Bill Clinton, known for his radical views and strong stances, criticized and later condemned Black Lives Matter protests against his wife, Hillary Clinton’s contention. Bill Clinton said that members of the group, Black Lives Matter, defended known gang leaders who got kids “hooked on crack.”

“I don’t know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out into the street to murder other African American children—maybe you thought they were good citizens. She [Hillary] didn’t. She didn’t. You are defending the people who killed the lives you say matter. Tell the truth.”

Former United States President Bill Clinton’s angry response has already started to complicate things when it comes to Hillary Clinton’s current presidential nomination. Especially as the Democratic primary is coming closer between Hillary Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and heads into New York and Pennsylvania.

In both states, New York and Pennsylvania, Democrats depend heavily on the African American vote from the inner cities of New York City and Philadelphia in order to win. Up to this point, Hillary Clinton has done well with the African American crowd, however she is started to slip in the polls. In an interview with Politico, Hillary Clinton said that Bernie Sanders is started to make her angry because he refuses to go away and keeps winning states with larger than expected margins.

If Bernie Sanders can take advantage of Former President Bill Clinton’s mess up, he may gain more traction within the inner cities of New York City and Philadelphia where the larger African American communities are. New York, known as the Empire State, previously elected Hillary Clinton to the United States Senate shortly after Bill Clinton’s president came to an end. The current momentum that Bernie Sanders has is becoming a much larger problem for the Hillary campaign.



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