This Woman Freaks Out And Accuses Airline Of Racism, Here Is How The Airline Responded To Her Demands

A disruptive female passenger was outraged when she accused an airliner of racism, but they didn’t fork over money like she wanted.

The entire incident can be related to a growing problem, “upbringing,” or a lack of proper upbringing.

Simply put, Imani Cezanne did not like being told what to do by an authority figure and had to pay the price for her reckless behavior.

Creating a false narrative of discrimination seems to be a growing fascination among some of the population.

The incident took place in Charlotte, North Carolina when Cezanne boarded a plane headed to Atlanta, Georgia.

However, she never made it to her destination because she was confrontational, and did not listen to what people told her.

She ran her mouth off on the tarmac at a flight attendant who was trying to switch a fellow passenger’s seat (who did not speak English) in order for the plane to have someone who did speak English near the emergency exit, a part of the airline’s safety policy.

However, Cezanne felt that it was her place to interfere with the flight attendant, who was doing her job properly.

Cezanne seemed to be unable to realize that the problem was with a non-English speaking passenger sitting in in front of the emergency exit.

According to what Cezanne reportedly said afterwards, the flight attendant told her,

“If she is unable to explain procedure, she must seat someone else in the exit row.”

That might seem like extremely rational reasoning to any person.

However, Cezanne felt that the flight attendant was being racist even though it wasn’t even her that had to move.

Cezanne continued to be difficult and was eventually kicked off the plane.

Cezanne commanded them to tell her why she was being kicked off the place, to which the airliner allegedly replied,

“Because my flight attendant feels threatened.”


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