Busted : Idiot Ferguson Looter Bragged About His Crimes On Facebook


Michael Brown was shot on August 9th of 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. The shooting was presumed to be out of racists motives by many radicalist all over the United States. The result was protest and riots by what is now known as paid protestors. The uprisings kindled by the death of Michael Brown, the shooting of an African American criminal by officer Darren Wilson, police were highly analyzed and seen as the reason for the ongoing disputes and fierceness. Some of the protesters who rioted, looted, and damaged buildings all over Ferguson including overturning police are now getting arrested.

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Police officers in Clayton, Missouri made a simple arrest after the criminal posted a photo of himself actively committing the crime on his Facebook page. Brandon Ward was arrested for participating in the looting after the Ferguson riots in November. The best part of this ordeal, is that his mother, was the one who tipped off the police with the largely incriminating evidence. St. Louis County police staid that Ward’s mother told them that “she wanted them to know she didn’t raise him to be a criminal.” “That post, along with a tip from his mother, led St. Louis County police to arrest him. He was charged this month with burglary and stealing November 25th at the Dellwood Market.” The accused criminal, Brandon Ward, admitted to participating in the looting of Ferguson after facing police questioning. He is currently being held in lieu of $10,000 bail.

After a little more than a year, these criminals are now being punished for all the terror and damage they brought upon the city of Ferguson. It won’t be much longer until all these destructive and ruthless criminals are caught and punished according to what they did. Hopefully part of the punishment will include paying for all the businesses that were destroyed to rebuild.

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