Carly Fiorina Even Inspires The Liberal Talking Heads At MSNBC With Her Plans To Fix The Economy

Through the debate and subsequent interviews more people are realizing that Carly Fiorina is one smart cookie. She went on MSNBC’ Joe Scarborough’s show and had clear and rational ideas. Ever co-host Mika Brzezinski admitted that she doesn’t generally like republicans but Carly Fiorina “really inspires” her.

Carly Fiorina hit on the current administration’s straggling of small businesses commenting

“We have to know what the engine of economic growth is. You know what it is? Small businesses, new businesses, family-owned businesses,” she said to applause.

“Small businesses create two-thirds of the new jobs, they employ half the people,” she said, blasting the complicated tax code and regulations that hurt small businesses. “When we crush small business, we’re now destroying more than we are creating.”

“Government has gotten bigger and bigger, more powerful, for 50 years under Republicans and Democrats alike. It’s why people are tired of it. Let’s quit talking and actually solve some of this.”

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