Clinton’s New “Defense” Over EmailGate Is Basically That She Was Incompetent – Check How The Internet Reacts

Correct The Record is Clinton’s “strategic research and rapid response team designed to defend Hillary Clinton from baseless attacks.” The problem with emailgate is she basically did it. Its fairly obvious to anyone and everyone that she was using a private email server instead of her official government email account. This is not only against the law it now looks like she was transmitting confidential information into her private email server.

So how does the Clinton team respond? Basically the defense is she is incompetent. But, of course, she still thinks she should be president of the United States. And the internet has responded:

What’s so sad about this excuse is its the same excuse that every criminal gives. “Oh I didn’t realize I could not break into this house. I was just uhhh lost”. What makes it sad in this case is she was the Secretary of State. It’s seems fairly logical to assume she knows about the law.

Joe in essence nails the problem with Clinton’s defense. Ignorance of the law does not matter in a court of law. Otherwise our courts would be filled with people saying “Whattttt. You mean its illegal to murder people. No one told me that.”

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