Council Meeting Become Volatile When Two Illegals Are Appointed To City Positions


City council meetings are often boring with few people in attendance. However, this was not the case in Huntington Park, California when the mayor ignored dozens of laws while appointing two illegal immigrants to become city commissioners. There were several people shouting with outrage over the decision. The appointments were questionable without even knowing they were illegal immigrants.

Out of the laws broken, one was a political kickback or “payback” by City Councilman Jonny Pineda. Frank Medina and Julian Zatarain, both illegal immigrants, recently helped his campaign in March. Pineda denied all the charges, as was expected, claiming that he made a promise with the voters to help create more opportunities for “illegal immigrants” who live within the area.

The second “law” broken was lying. Although lying is not considered against the law (in most circumstances) it is morally and ethically wrong. Most adults wish that illegal immigrants would be treated harsher by law including sending them back to their home country so that they would not receive handouts payed by the taxes of hard working individuals. This makes it hard to believe that anyone would (legally) vote for a man who promised such things. Several of the residents were upset about the message this conveys to others and told KCBS-TV “We’re sending the wrong message – you can be illegal and you can come and work for the city.”

The councilman defended himself by dragging the city attorney through the mud saying that he also cleared the appointments. The good news in the situation is that both of the appointees cannot be paid because they cannot receive federal money and will not be involved in policy making decisions. Zatarain will work through the parks and recreation commission while Medina will work for the health and education commission. They will not be official city commissioners until they both pass background checks and are processed by the city council. In this upside down political town even the mayor, Mayor Karina Macias agrees with the appointment and fully supports it.

If the city is so worried about illegal immigrants in the area, why don’t they try helping them the legal way? As in helping them become United State citizens through the official process and showing that they are diligent enough to become a citizen. However, this thought seems to have completely gone over the heads of the city’s officials. Which begs to differ, if it was so easy for them to appoint not only one but two illegal immigrants to a city position; what other laws have they broken in the past?



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