Delta Force Met ISIS in Hand-to-Hand Combat for the 1st Time .. These Were The Results

While some members of the terrorist group, ISIS, have been enacting cowardly attacks against the innocent civilians of the world, other members of the radical Islamic organization are getting a taste of what real war is all about.

Currently, ISIS has established itself in large portions of Iraq and Syria, and has declared itself a caliphate. The caliphate is being referred to as the Islamic State.

Members of Delta Force conducted an operation in Syria to capture a senior official known as Abu Sayyaf and his wife Umm Sayyaf.

The operation began when Delta Force flew in on Black Hawk Helicopters, landing near the multi-storied building where the couple was believed to have been hunkered down.

It was not long before the two sides were engaged in a heated gunfight that ended in close quarters and even hand to hand combat between ISIS and the elite Delta Force soldiers.

The result, was the elimination of a top Islamic State commander along with a dozen of his militant allies.  No casualties were suffered by Delta Force.

According to a statement from National Security Council Spokesperson, Bernadette Meehan,

“Abu Sayyaf was a senior ISIL leader who, among other things, had a senior role in overseeing ISIL’s illicit oil and gas operations – a key source of revenue that enables the terrorist organization to carry out their brutal tactics and oppress thousands of innocent civilians.

He was also involved with the group’s military operations.  We suspect that Umm Sayyaf is a member of ISIL, played an important role in ISIL’s terrorist activities, and may have been complicit in the enslavement of the young woman rescued last night.”

The young woman mentioned was a Yezidi woman who appeared to have been held as a slave by Sayyaf. She is to be reunited with her family as soon as possible.

As the world mourns for the loss of innocent life in places like Paris, Orlando, and San Bernardino, it can feel at least a little solace at knowing that the fight is being taken to the Islamic State.

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