Entitlement Mentality Compilation – Entitled Welfare Food Stamp Users

In the past people felt that they were helping people truly in need and they were grateful for the assistance. But now an increasing number of people see public assistance (which is coming from taxes on other people) as a god given right.

This is one of reasons than many people are not on food stamps for not just a few months while they are struggling but instead or on food stamps for decades. Or worse yet you have generational food stamps. Where the parents are on food stamps and then their children see this as a their future “career”.

One of the reasons for this subversion of the program is that liberals have convinced people that welfare is a “right” like the right freedom of speech. And since welfare recipients view it as a “right” why should they ever give it up.

Not only does this hurt taxpayers it also hurts people on welfare since it leads to generational poverty. One cannot advance ones career and career skills by sitting at home eating snacks on the couch.

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