Ferguson Erects A Memorial For Michael Brown : Here is What a Police Officer Has To Say

Ferguson has chosen to honor Michael Brown with this memorial:


While this might sound like the city is honoring the memory of one of its finest citizens, and a true-role model for generations to come, it’s important to remember what kind of person Michael Brown actually was.

To do this, we can look at the actions and behavior of Brown during his final day, here on this earth.

It begins with Michael Brown and his accomplice, Dorion Johnson, entering Ferguson Market and Liquor, and stealing an estimated $50 in cigarillos- an item that is notoriously used in combination with marijuana.

When the shopkeeper, who looks to be less than half of Brown’s size, tries to stop the two youths from leaving the store with stolen merchandise, Brown grabs him by the front of his shirt collar and throws him backwards.

There was at least one visible child that could be seen in the surveillance tapes, who witnessed the assault of a store owner, at the hands of Ferguson’s “Gentle Giant.”

After leaving the store, Brown and Johnson were stopped by Officer Darren Wilson, who asked the two young men not to be walking down the middle of the street.

Brown, who had just fifteen minutes ago demonstrated a behavior of out of uncontrollable violence and rage, got into an argument with the officer.

At one point, according to eye-witnesses and forensic evidence, Brown tried reaching in and taking a gun from Officer Wilson’s cruiser. During the scuffle, the gun went off, and the bullet entered Brown’s hand.

Eyewitnesses then say that Brown tried running away, but when Wilson, who had sustained injuries during the fight within the cruiser, exited the vehicle and told Brown to stop, the “Gentle Giant” turned and charged towards the officer.

Wilson opened fire, making a split second decision as the hulking giant closed the 30-yards between them, and the Black Lives Matter movement was born.

The one who came up with the story that Brown was peacefully walking down the street when the big bad police officer selected to randomly execute the youth, in broad daylight, with the Brown’s hands up in the air and begging for his life, was Dorian Johnson. Johnson, if you don’t recall, was Brown’s accomplice in the convenience store who helped the “Gentle Giant” steal merchandise and attack a store-owner who was just trying to defend his business.

You can see, now, why it’s rather unusual for Ferguson to honor Michael Brown when the only thing that most people know about him is that he was a hulking giant with a seemingly uncontrollable rage and a propensity to commit crimes.

IJReview talked to Former Police Office Chip Pierce who had this to say

From IJreview

“I don’t think a criminal that was killed while assaulting a police officer deserves to be memorialized. It sends the wrong message. Every time people are paid to protest a supposed injustice before the facts are known we lose credibility in the justice system.

Michael Brown was a criminal, he had moments earlier committed or assisted with a strong armed robbery. When the officer approached, Brown attacked. The officer shot him in self-defense and it was proven to be justified by a Grand Jury.

He like many other people that attacked police officers lose their lives as a result, which isn’t something to be memorialized. There are police killings that cross the line. I do not believe this was one of them. I wasn’t on the grand jury and I’ve never been to Ferguson, so I don’t have all the facts, but trying officers in the media is not appropriate.”

He has a legitimate point should we be memorializing a criminal that died while attacking a police officer and who just a while earlier had assaulted a store clerk while committing a robbery.

Its also nice to see that Officer Pearson realizes that in some cases the police are at fault and sometimes they are not. Its unfortunate the anti-police movement always takes the position that the police are at fault regardless of the facts of the case.

Still, as far as the Left is concerned, Michael Brown is, and always will be, a hero.

Consider this line from the Washington Post:

“…For at least some of Brown’s supporters the facts are, apparently, largely irrelevant because Brown is a metaphorical ‘symbol’ of injustice regardless of what actually happened.”

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