Girl Alleges Sexual Assault Against Officer – Too Bad He Had A Body Camera

A girl was picked up for drunk driving. First she tried to say she sounded drunk because she had a speech impairment. The problem is officers have sobriety tests that are not simply based on “sounding drunk”. After failing the sobriety test she is taken back to the station.

This is where things get interesting. She goes into the bathroom. The officer hears her asking someone “How can I get this officer in trouble?”. She comes out and accuses the officer of touching her during the traffic stop. The problem in this case was that the officer had a body camera.

If he had not we are sure liberals would have been in full swing coming to this women’s defense. But there is a larger problem at play here. Criminals more and more think they just have to accuse a police officer of anything to get out of being punished for the crime they just committed.

This is partially because the media choose to often assume the police officers are at fault before the evidence is evaluated by a jury. Luckily for this officer he had a body camera and instead of this girl appearing on CNN with a sob story she is going to jail.

Welfare Recipients Should Be Drug Tested

Tax Payers should not be responsible for giving people cash assistance to people who are simply going to use that money to buy illicit drugs. Also many of those tax payers are drug tested for their jobs. If they are getting drug tested for working then people getting paid to do nothing should also be required to get drug tested.

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