Here are the 18 Crimes On Freddie Gray’s Arrest Record Before His Tragic Death

So basically people are burning down Baltimore because a serial criminal died from injuries during an arrest and at this point we don’t have all the facts about that arrest. Possibly the police did something wrong. And possibly because Freddie Gray was fleeing the police they had to use force to arrest the suspect. Police simply can’t let everyone go that doesn’t want to be arrested.

And every time someone is arrested its a dangerous situation for the police and the suspect. In all the mob violence one forgets that Freddie Gray had been arrested before. In fact he had been arrested 18 times.

Some liberals are blaming the tough on crime policies as the reason for Freddie Gray’s death. But if we had truly tough on crime policies someone like Freddie Gray would not be wondering around after 18 arrests in 7 years.

Obama should apologize for using Al Sharpton as as a white house advisor.

Not only has Al Sharpton incited racial violence but he has also refused to pay a 4.5 million dollar tax bill. Someone that refuses to pay taxes, like the rest of us, should not be a trusted advisor to the white house.

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