Illegal Immigrants Who Gets Thousands In Government Benefits Wants To Show Other Illegals How To Do The Same

Martina Nelson came to the US illegally swimming across the Rio Grande. In America, she has found a country perfectly willing to make working Americans work longer hours to support her. She has been living off of taxpayers for 20 years. She has 7 children and lives on a variety of government programs getting free cash, free housing, and free food etc. But that is not enough. She wants to tell other people how they can follow in her foot steps. It almost as if she thinks she has found a magic tree of money. But in reality that money is forcing responsible families to work longer hours and avoid having a 2nd child so she can continue to live off the system. We need “legal” immigrants that want to come to America to work and make better lives for themselves. Not people interested in not working so that hardworking Americans can support them.

Sign The Petition To Stop Obama's Illegal Immigration Amnesty

There are people around the world patiently waiting to become US citizens. There is no reason to reward law breakers with citizenship while other law abiding people follow our laws and go through the legal process to become citizens. Rewarding law breakers simply encourages people to break laws and it punishes people that choose to follow the rules.

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