Immigrant Mom Of 11 Kids Talks About How Much She Loves Welfare Benefits, And Says She Will Never Return To Her Home Country And Give Them Up

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If the United States is not careful, then it may soon share more than just a common language with England.  It was recently reported that a Slovakian woman and her husband are so in love with England’s welfare benefits that they would never consider returning to their native country.  The woman has given birth to 11 children and has 11 grandchildren (so far).  She and her husband receive $40,000.00 yearly in taxpayer funded benefits.  Her husband never works regularly.

Her husband commented “I’m not going back, no, not ever. I like it here in England. England give me house, give me doctor, school, benefit. England good, thank you so much England. Thank you very much”.

And his wife, Katerina Sisarova, chimed in “I get child benefit, tax credit, housing benefit, I’ve got a better life here than in my country. I’m never going to go back to Slovakia, never.”

This bodes ill for the United States in that immigrants traditionally have come to our shores to build a better life.  The doling out of welfare benefits in such great amounts that no outside income is required for any necessities of life turns this scenario upside down.  A welfare system which allows immigrants to come to our shores and then receive a place to live and sufficient income to pay for food, utilities and transportation merely pays people to do nothing to better themselves.

This is something which the United States must consider and consider quickly since there are approximately 200,000 Muslim refugees making their way towards our shores as this is being written.  We should be deciding what we will require of these immigrants in the form of contributions to their existence and to this country.  Will they be required to work to remain here?  Will they be given assistance for a limited or unlimited period of time?  If conditions are placed upon them to enter and remain in this country, will they be deported if they fail to meet those conditions?

This is not intended to be a diatribe against Muslims or anyone else fleeing war and poverty.  It is intended to ask serious questions about what this country will and will not do.  In spite of the tendency in recent decades to spend without regard for the future, at some point lines must be drawn.  We just do not have the resources to support the entire population of this planet.

If the Republicans in Congress will get busy now, then these questions can be answered and decisions made which will be best for this country.  If these refugees are to be admitted, then they should be required to work since the taxes they will be paying will help offset the cost to the United States of providing the admission.  Memo to Congress:  Get busy and write the rules for dealing with this!

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