In Addition to A Nuclear Iran Netanyahu Talks About The Other Bad Consequence Of Obama’s Iran Deal

Most of the current arguments and rhetoric about the deal involving Iran’s weapons program has been centered on the Iranian state’s radical grab for nuclear weapons. Such a program for any country, especially one as technically challenged as Iran, takes a considerable amount of time and research to develop their fanatical desire to doom Israel and its allies.

Benjamin Netanyahu has revealed a much more pressing danger, one that is quicker to achieve with less effort. The nature of that threat is about refueling Iran’s terror machine. By lifting sanctions and allowing billions of dollars to be available once again to that radical regime, they can escalate their current efforts in destabilizing the entire Middle East, wreaking havoc and chaos via the various terrorist organizations they support.

Amid all of this, the Iranian Nuclear Program will continue to develop a nuclear weapon, even as the Iranians claim that it’s all about generating electricity. Netanyahu points out that they won’t use the increased revenue for schools, roads or hospitals. They’re going to use it world-wide to pump up their terror machine, and keep their military machine busy in conquering the Middle East right now.

The Israeli Leader isn’t wrong.

He’s concerned that by allowing Iran a clear path to achieving ‘the bomb’ that it will start a nuclear race among the Sunni nations in the Middle East. That’s a recipe for disaster not just for Israel, but the entire world. Obama’s view of the Middle East isn’t just reckless, but dangerously ignorant or horrifically compliant towards our enemies. Whichever it is, both positions have equally terrifying consequences. You cannot reason with an enemy who considers their own death, along with yours, as an acceptable measure of victory.

Using Syria as an example on how sanctions and a tough stance helped remove chemical weapons of mass destruction, Netanyahu points out that we still have time to do the right thing. That we can force Iran to give up their weapons program by using economic sanctions.

With Obama’s lack-luster so-called leadership and his narrow vision for the safety of the entire world, there is a good chance that when the June 30th 2015 deadline for a deal arrives, we’re going to see the world change once again, and not for the better. Benjamin Netanyahu will only be left with a few options, and none of them totally peaceful in the near future.

Should military options be on the table? Absolutely. After all, we’re talking about the survival of mankind. If Iran gets the nuclear ICBM they’re all dreaming about, I can assure you that our blue-green planet will end up nothing more than a burning cinder.

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