Indiana School District Considers Arming Teachers Due To Increasing Security Threats

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Indiana’s West Clark Community School District is considering plans to allow teachers to carry firearms into classrooms as a first line of self defense against mass shooters or terrorist attacks.

NBC’s Wave 3 News reports┬áthat reactions to the proposed measure have received a lot of support from teachers in the area who believe that the schools need to be proactive.

West Clark School Board Secretary Doug Coffman explained that the measure wouldn’t arm every teacher. He said that the idea is to focus more on teachers who have had military or police training. The teachers would provide support to resource officers who are assigned one per school campus in the West Clark school district.

Coffman said that the measure would provide a definite deterrent to criminals seeking to harm the children.

“Do I want to go into a building that I think we have armed officers or armed teachers? Or teachers that have the ability to defend themselves?” he asked. “Or am I going to go into a building that looks very vulnerable?”

Fears about the safety of school children have been realized after the 2012 shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, CT. The attack, committed by 20-year-old Adam Lanza, left 20 children and 6 adult staff members dead.

Since that time schools across the country have been increasing security measures that have included armed guards, bullet proof glass, and locking entrance doors when school is in session.

The West Clark Community School District, however, would not be the first schools in the country to allow their teachers to be armed. More than a third of the states currently allow adults and teachers to carry loaded weapons onto school grounds, and have had their laws in place for years.

In Indiana, the decision is left up to to the school district, and after the board receives permission from the district’s insurance carrier, they may vote to allow teachers to carry firearms into classrooms.

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