ISIS Is Contained To The Planet Earth – US State Department Issues Travel Warning For The Entire Planet

Barack Obama’s State Department has just issued a worldwide travel alert that is expected to last through Christmas, New Years, and Valentines day. It will expire on February 24th of next year.

Not surprisingly Twitter has responded

Citing risks from ISIS and other terrorist organizations, the State Department has warned U.S. citezens who are planning on traveling this holiday season to aware and vigilant on their trips.

The group that the State Department is warning about, ISIS, was once dismissed by President Barack Obama as amateurs, as a JV team. Since then, the organization has established a caliphate along an almost 160 mile stretch of land on the border of Syria and Iraq. The president has refused to acknowledge the Islamic State has anything to do with Islam.

The president also made sure to brag to the world that ISIS was mostly contained, and even weakening. Just one day after making the comment on national television, ISIS launched the largest terrorist attack in Paris’ history, leaving hundreds of casualties. Maybe when Obama said that ISIS was contained, he meant that they had not spread to other planets or galaxies as of yet.

The warning included specific tips on how to remain safe while traveling. It begins with following the instructions of local authorities, and watching local media sources for information on areas of travel. Perhaps it is because of the undermining of police officers in America that the administration has been doing over the last few years that causes it to feel the need to tell the American citizens to respect authorities in other countries.

The State Department also asked that each person traveling to stay in touch with their family, and to expect additional screening. Since the TSA has proven to be 95% ineffective, after failing to catch 67 out of 70 instances of weapons during mock trials, the administration must be saying that its TSA will be twice as invasive as well as twice as ineffective.

The last tip involves registering your travel plans with the Federal Government using their Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. The government has gotten into a lot of trouble over the years after the massive data collection program was instituted at the NSA. They have been able to collect data on every single American citizen without probable cause in an effort to fight radical Muslims, who do not exist, according to the president. The Federal Government is now asking you to register your plans, including who you are with, where you are going, and how you are getting there in another database that will be monitored by federal employees.

Though ISIS is contained and mostly weakening, according to President Barack Obama, his State Department has asked that each of us be worried about traveling anywhere on the globe because ISIS may be planning an attack.

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