Video : Judge Judy Takes Down Obama Supporter / Welfare Cheat

As Yoda might say “The sense of entitlement is strong in this one.”

Duane Brooks Jr, appeared on the popular daytime courtroom show Judge Judy after his former roommate sued him for unpaid back-rent.

At the time, Brooks was an unemployed student, and received a monthly allotment to take care of his living expenses. Among these expenses was a stipend that was to go towards paying for his housing costs.

Brooks maintained that the plaintiff allowed him to live with her for free, because she was his girlfriend at the time, and that he did not owe her any rent money.

Judge Judy immediately took issue with this, and asked him why he felt that the money that the government was giving him, specifically earmarked to pay for his housing, was not actually going towards housing.

Brooks continued to say that it was not necessary because his girlfriend at the time did not ask for rent. He seemed to insinuate that she should not have wanted rent from him because she should be grateful for having a man who is ten years younger than she living in her apartment.

The judge then asked the next logical question, which was about where the tax-payer funded rent money was going. Brooks grinned as he said,

“I spent it on myself.” 

Judge Judy then had to spend the next three minutes trying to get Brooks to understand how he had been lying to the county about where he was spending his rent money, to which he still didn’t seem to fully comprehend.

The defendant seemed to be think that he was entitled to the government assistance on the very basis that he exists.

At one point, Judge Judy simply stops the conversation, smiles at her bailiff, and says, “That’s what we’re creating.”

She then goes on to say that she is going to send a copy of this episode to Congress for them to see what is going on.

You can watch the video below, but we are not responsible if your brain tries to escape from your head after hearing this welfare scammer’s logic about why he deserves free money for rent that can be spent on things other than rent:


In the end, Brooks does not have to pay any back rent because the plaintiff in the case admitted that she had not paid the rent for the apartment during several of the months that she stayed there.

While it is true that cases like these are purely anecdotal, many feel that cases like this show how important welfare reform actually is.

Leftists will claim that welfare fraud is such not a large enough issue to do something about it, but keep in mind that Brooks was collecting welfare for three years, not using the money for its intended purposes. Nobody can accurately say how many more cases like this are out there that have not been discovered or whether or not the low percentage of welfare scammers is due to the fraudsters not being caught.

Welfare Recipients Should Be Drug Tested

Tax Payers should not be responsible for giving people cash assistance to people who are simply going to use that money to buy illicit drugs. Also many of those tax payers are drug tested for their jobs. If they are getting drug tested for working then people getting paid to do nothing should also be required to get drug tested.

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