Judge Judy Unloads On Woman With 5 Kids Who Thinks The World Owes Her

Every once in a while, someone makes an appearance on Judge Judy that perfectly personifies the mentality of those who voted for “Hope and Change,” who were “Feeling the Bern,” and who were standing “With Her.”

These are the people who feel that they have every bit of right in dictating how much money and how many personal possessions other people have, and this is based entirely on whether or not these other people have more or less.

The following video involves a case in which the plaintiff alleges that she loaned the defendant $2,000 that the defendant has refused to pay back.

The defendant, Erika Gebhardt, counters by saying that the money given was a gift, and, therefor, there was no requirement to pay it back. She also seems to think that she no longer needs to work as long as she keeps having, as Judge Judy puts it, a gaggle of children.

Judge Judy is very calm as she probes into the life of the defendant.

Gebhardt reveals that she has five children in total: twin 8-year-olds, a 6-year-old, a 4-year-old, and a 9-month-old.

Judge Judy then asks the defendant if she works, and Gebhardt responds with,

“I have five children. They are my work.” 

Judge Judy then asks the defendant to answer some similar background questions about the plaintiff.

We learn that the plaintiff has two children, an 8-year-old and a 6-year-old, and that she still works.

Judge Judy says,

“You see, she has two children and she works.”

The defendant shoots back with,

“She only has two children.”

Apparently, in the Gephardt’s world, you can retire from the workforce if you can produce more than two children.

Judge Judy responds with,

“She has as many children as she can afford to take care of.” 

The conversation only gets worse for the defendant as Judge Judy explains that anyone can have as many children as they would like as long as they can take care of those children. She then says that it becomes a problem when people are having children that they are not able to take care of.

The judge then points out that the plaintiff has children of her own, that she works, and so that she is likely not ‘floating in dough.’

Gebhardt interrupts by loudly proclaiming,

“She is floating in dough!”

We should pause right here to mention that this is exactly what is wrong with Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives in society today. They feel that they are the ones who can best determine how much money a person should be allowed to earn and keep. There is no celebration of success from the Left, only a constant drumbeat of, “That’s not fair that that person has more!”

Judge Judy responds with,

“Oh. She’s floating in whose dough?” 

The defendant responds with,

“Her and her husbands.” 

The judge then demands to know,

“Since when did you become a partner in her and her husband’s money? That’s what’s wrong with this country.”

The defendant’s class warfare talking points continu as she points out that the plaintiff and the plaintiff’s husband both drive BMW’s, that they pay for child care, and that they have their home cleaned on a weekly basis, as if this is somehow evidence that the plaintiff does not need the money paid back.

Judge Judy asked how that is any of the defendant’s business.

Gephardt responds with,

“It’s not my business, but she had the money to give me. She loaned…”

Gephardt pauses right here because she seems to realize that she just admitted that the money was a loan, which she had been claiming, from the beginning, that it was not.

This clip will just have you shaking your head and, unfortunately, you know that there are a number of Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives with this exact mentality.


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