Kayne West Tweets He Is 53 Million In Debt And Thinks Google Founder Should Give Him A Billion Dollars Because…

In Kanye West’s last hysterical outburst on Twitter, he has claimed that he is “$53 million in personal debt” and basically demanded that Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s co-founder, Larry Page invest $1 billion in him as he is the “greatest artist of all time.” Monday afternoon he was already back on Twitter trying to explain more of why he needs the money, but all he did was create confusion. The bottom line of his long list of tweets was that although he is still rich enough to buy furs, he needs even bigger bucks to save the world with his great ideas.

Mark, I am publicly asking you for help…


Kanye West is married to Kim Kardashian, who is worth $42 million last year while he is worth $145 million. He released a new cd the same day he begged for money from Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page. Some crazy fans have already started raising money for him on a Go Fund Me page. Maybe Kanye West does have the money just doesn’t want to spend his own.

With a little bit of help, maybe Kanye West could change the world. Kanye West has released nineteen albums, won twenty-one Grammy Awards, and two American Music Awards. However, all those accomplishments don’t seem to make enough money for him to satisfy what he wants. Yet, one of the more interesting things is, that Kanye West blames any and all bad publicity on the fact he is African American.

Analysts have decided that the reason for Kanye West debt is most likely his clothing line.

“Musicians get terrible advice. They surround themselves with people who are fans or wannabe musicians who couldn’t make it on the stage so they became accountants or attorneys. It’s an ego tip, because artists have plenty of money to get into other businesses. But has anyone done a five-year projection of what the bottom line will be? I doubt it.” said Jane King, a money manager at Fairfield Financial Advisors.

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