Liberal Crybaby Hollywood Kid Joins Al Qaeda And Is Now Whining About It

Hollywood Al Qaeda kid

In a bizarre, even cringeworthy turn of events, a white British college dropout and Hollywood brat has converted to Islam and rushed to war-torn Syria to join the Nusra Front, the region’s Al Qaeda affiliate. Taking to the internet, 26 year-old Lucas Kinney, sporting a neck-length beard, keffiyeh, and explosive-laden vest, decried the violence visited upon his jihadist compatriots by ISIS, terrorist rivals to Al Nusra. Bloviating in an unmistakably British accent, the dropout-turned-terrorist threw around Quran verses, quotes from the prophet Mohammad, and Arabic phrases like “Kuffar” (a derogatory term for non-Muslims) in his tirade against the Islamic State, demonstrating a sense of self-importance that only privileged crybabies like himself could possibly possess. Even more baffling is the fact that he is the son of Patrick Kinney, who served as assistant director on Rambo, Braveheart, and Indiana Jones, so one would think that he had nothing to complain about.

An American, Patrick married Englishwoman Deborah Phipps and the two raised Lucas together in West London, although they eventually divorced. As a youth, Lucas attended church regularly with his father and even went to Catholic school. After their divorce, Lucas stayed with Deborah and they traveled around the world with his new step-father, whose work took him to such places as Saudi Arabia and Egypt, where the boy performed in a theatrical troupe at the Cairo school he attended. However, Deborah does not believe he became involved with radical Islam until Lucas moved to Vienna after dropping out of college in 2009, although she did not offer specifics as to why.

Of great concern to Deborah is not just the fact that her son has joined the ranks of one of the most notorious terrorist organizations in the world to fight in a bloody, three-way civil war, but also the very real possibility that Lucas, as per a directive from British Prime Minister David Cameron permitting the extrajudicial targeting of UK citizens for assassination if they join terrorist groups, will be killed by a drone. Such a strike would also likely cause controversy over Britain’s role in Syria, where it has been reluctant to join U.S. forces in a bombing campaign against ISIS.

As her son wages jihad in one of the Middle East’s hot spots, Deborah can offer no answers, only questions as to what went wrong. “In Cairo he was very social, had lots of friends, and was very easygoing. He was in bands and behaved like a typical teenager. I wasn’t particularly worried about him,” she said in an interview with the Daily Mail. Where did things go wrong indeed!

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