Matthew McConaughey’s wife Just Became A Citizen ; She Did It The Legal Way


As professional politicians are standing in front of cameras condemning, circumventing, and flat out ignoring the immigration laws and practices within the United States, it is very refreshing to hear the story of a celebrity who has become a citizen legally.

Supermodel, Camila Alves, who is married to Matthew McConaughey, celebrated with her husband and three children in New York City, her new status.

She took to Twitter to announce her happiness.

“Happy to say I now hold an American passport! I have so much respect and appreciation for this country. #newuscitizen”

Matthew McConaughey took to social media to express his pride in his wife. In a Facebook post, he says,

“Congratulations Camila on getting your U.S. citizenship today- another fellow and great American.”

Many Americans have taken to social media as well to express their pride and to offer congratulations to the Brazilian model who has obtained her immigration status legally.

Camila has also demonstrated a large reason why it is necessary to follow the laws, absorb the customs, and learn the language. Her statement alone expresses why it is necessary when she mentions that she has, “So much respect and appreciation for this country.”

Generally, the news has been filled with people who are in the country as illegal aliens, and their actions range from disrespectful to criminal.

In California, an illegal alien who received her free, tax payer funded education, celebrated her graduation by waving the Mexican Flag. Many were outraged over this action because it demonstrated a lack of respect for the country that has given her everything.

Other illegal aliens have furthered their initial lawlessness of being in the country illegally by committing robberies, rapes, and murders.

In Texas, an illegal alien from Honduras is the prime suspect in a robbery turned murder.

Another case in California involved the local authorities and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) refusing to deport an illegal alien on two separate occasions. Both the sheriff’s department, and ICE referred to Barack Obama’s unconstitutional executive actions that delayed or denied deportation of millions of illegal immigrants. As a result, the 29 year old illegal is accused of going on to rape and murder Marilyn Pharis.

Kate Steinle, of California, was murdered by an illegal alien who had been deported five times previously, and who had a long history of criminal actions.

These are just a few examples of what happens when a lawless president decides that the laws will not be enforced because he doesn’t like them. It is also a direct result of people who do not assimilate into the country, and have no respect for the rule of law.

It is the reason why Camila Alves’ becoming an American Citizen the legal why has had many within the country celebrating, and treating it as a breath of fresh air.

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