Meet The 30,000 Pound Bomb That Could End Iran’s Nuclear Program


While Obama workw with Iran in spite of the fact they refuse to give up their nuclear ambitions or allow full inspections of their nuclear sites (huh I wonder why). And in spite of the fact that we have heard them repeatedly announce “Death To America”.

But we do have other options. Meet the Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP). A 30,000 pound bound designed to shred the protections around secret bunkers.

It can drill through 200 feet of earth or 60 feet of concrete before detonating. A likely target (after Obama leaves office) would be Fordow. A once secret Iranian nuclear facility.

So what would happen if a facility is encased in more than 60 feet of concrete? No problem the bomb is designed to have multiple MOP dropped in succession drilling deeper and deeper into the concrete encasing the facility.

While Obama is floundering a least our military is hard at work figuring out ways to remove nuclear facilities from countries like Iran that repeatedly call for the destruction of America.

Tell Congress That US Born ISIS Terrorist Fighters are not "entitled" to return to the United States and keep US Citizenship and Voting Rights

Democrats in Congress are fighting for US Born ISIS Terrorists to retain US Citizenship so they can return to the United States after fighting for ISIS. One should remember that ISIS has beheaded several Americans and written Fatwas condoning rape of non muslims. They have also vowed to raise the ISIS flag over the white house.

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