Michelle Obama’s Plan For 2016 Is Downright Disturbing

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The internet has been aflutter with rumors that First Lady, Michelle Obama might consider throwing her hat in the ring as a possible option to run against Hillary Clinton in the Democrat Primaries.

Clinton’s campaign has been bogged down with scandals and blatant lies to the American people that historically, Democrat candidates have waited until they were president before committing.

The scandals involved using a personal Email account to handle official state business (illegal), attempting to wipe the servers clean to avoid any incriminating evidence (illegal), refusing to be forthcoming when asked about them, and even joking about her behavior while answering questions about her actions during a press conference.

She was also the Secretary of State during the Bengahzi attacks, a terrorist attack that left four Americans dead who had the chance to survive if the “Stand Down” order had not been given by the State Department. For weeks after the attack, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were telling the American people that the reason for the attack was due to outrage over an anti-Muslim Youtube video. These claims have proven to be falsehoods as the Email evidence that recently surfaced during the Benghazi hearings have shown that Hillary Clinton did know that the attack was not the result of a video. She has therefor followed in her husband’s footsteps and stared into the camera on multiple occasions and lied directly to the American people.

As Hillary Clinton’s credibility is completely and utterly destroyed through her own actions, Democrats are seeking a fresh face that has a possibility of winning.

Columbia University Professor Dorian Warren floated the idea during a segment of MSNBC’s “Now with Alex Wagner.” He said,

“I want to start a whisper campaign on your show right now… I think we should draft Michelle Obama to run.”

This proposal would overcome another constitutional dilemma that Barack Obama faces as to whether or not he wants to break the rules of law and ignore the Constitution again. The twenty second Amendment to the United States Constitution prevents any president from serving three consecutive terms. This amendment was added in 1951 after Progressive, Franklin Delano Roosevelt served three terms in office.

Though the Michelle ’16 bumper stickers can be seen throughout the country, many others still remember the Michelle that they have seen over the course of her husband’s presidency.

There was the Michelle who explained repeatedly that the first time in her adult life that she was proud of her country was because Barack was doing well and because people were “hungry for change.”

There was also the Michelle who, though she is not an elected official, took on an official capacity with her “Let’s Move” campaign that did not achieve its stated goal of curbing obeisity, but instead angered parents, students, and teachers across the country with the unappetizing meals and skyrocketing costs that were placed on schools who opted into the program to receive federal funding.

The most famous Michelle, however, has got to be the one who made this ominous statement about her husband’s presidency,

“Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history…”

As America watches in real time as their government prints almost a trillion dollars a year which will inevitably lead to higher inflation, as a complacent media is dictating the conversations and avoiding questioning the president about his many scandals, and as history is being rewritten even though the facts show a completely different story (ie: Fast and Furious, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Benghazi, IRS targeting private citizens, and suppressing of evidence that would incriminate administration officials), many are realizing that it might not be such a good thing to continue the Obama regime for another four years.

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