After Mike Ditka Said Obama Was “The Worst President In History” This Happened!

Da Bears

Just one week after making a disparaging remark against Barack Obama, NFL legend Mike Ditka has been removed from his position as a panelist for ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown.

According to the Big Lead, Ditka will be replaced by Matt Hasselbeck, the quarterback who spent the last three seasons with the Indianapolis Colts.

Appearing on WABC’s The Bernie & Sid Show, Ditka pointed out that Obama was not a leader. In fact, the NFL Superbowl champion pointed out, Obama was worst president that the country had ever had.

On the bright side, Ditka did say that Obama would be fun to play golf with, an activity that the president had been able to enjoy repeatedly, even when he heard the news that American soldiers are being killed in Afghanistan. Nothing seemed to interrupt the golf swing of the former community organizer.
Obama Golf

Mike Ditka almost ran for U.S. Senator in 2004 against, then-candidate Barack Obama, to replace Jack Ryan. Ryan had stepped out of the race after sealed court records from his divorce began to seep out to the media.

Though Ryan’s actual divorce papers had been made public, both he and his former wife Jeri Ryan agreed to keep the custody records private out of respect for their child.

After winning the primary, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Schnider decided, despite both parents wanting the custody papers to remain sealed, that he would overturn that decision and make the documents available to the public.

Although candidate Obama called for the records to remain out of the race, allegations were thrown that it was Obama-backers who were feeding the information to the press.

Ditka, who considers himself to be a Conservative, said in a 2013 interview that the biggest mistake of his life was not running against Barack Obama in 2004, lamenting that if he had won, Obama would probably not have gotten to the White House.

He’s not a leader. This country needs leadership. It needs direction. It needs somebody that steps up front.

The former Chicago Bears coach endorsed Donald Trump during the election cycle.

What do you think the United States would have looked like, by 2016, if Mike Ditka had chosen to go against the man who believed in “spreading the wealth” and who wanted to “fundamentally transform” the United States into something else?

While this is all just conjecture, the theory is that if Ditka had beaten Obama for the Senate seat, in 2004, Obama would not have become a Democratic Party celebrity and been invited to speak at the Democratic National Convention.

In theory, this would have lead Obama to never having been president. This, in term, would mean that Obamacare’s version of watered-down socialized medicine would have never happened, that ISIS would not have been allowed to spread in the Middle East, that five high-ranking Taliban generals would not have been traded in exchange for a single American troop who was already suspected of desertion.

This is sort of a modern-day version of It’s a Wonderful Life, only instead of Jimmy Stewart’s character getting to see what it would be like if he had never been born, this would be the American people being given the chance to see what the country would have been like if a community organizer had never been given the reigns of power.

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