Missouri Is Making Some Common Sense Changes To Welfare And Liberals Are Freaking Out


Missouri House Rep. Rick Brattin is downright sick of witnessing welfare leeches in the checkout line with carts stuffed with high priced items and nothing but junk foods. From porterhouse steaks to junk food snacks and sugary sodas, he finally decided to do what his constituents elected him for; pushing for state legislation that would prohibit welfare abusers from buying foods that most hard-working Americans can’t afford.

The intention of the welfare reform bill is to get the food stamp program back to its original intent. Nutrition assistance. Nothing fires up Brattin’s ire more than hearing these words from professional welfare abusers: “This is the way I want to live and I don’t really see anything changing.”

More than 40 million Americans are participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) which is designed to help families provide nutritious meals on a temporary basis, until the wage earners in the family can get back on their feet. It’s not called the ‘Stuff Your Fridge With Lobster, Steak and Junk Food Program’ for a good reason.

While the SNAP program has turned into a taxpayer eating monster with no end in sight, Liberals are going into a frenzy, getting ready to shout how Missouri is getting ready to starve people to death. Progressives are excellent at demonizing politicians like Rick Brattin, but he is right to be concerned about welfare abuse. If we don’t bring those outrageous costs under control, the entire program is likely to implode from within. If that happens, then those who truly use the program as intended will end up getting hurt far more than those who abuse the system.

Our current economy isn’t in any condition to support and out-of-control welfare spending program. Consider the ramifications of spending large sums of money that do more to contribute to obesity, diabetes and other food related healthcare costs. That costs the system triple, if not more. First it’s foodstamps. Then it’s improper eating by shoveling chips, dip, soda and crab legs into their diets. Now we have to provide a higher than average healthcare coverage via medicaid to deal with those poor choices. What? You think insulin is cheap when it comes to developing obesity related diabetes?

Seeing people check out with shrimp and lobster platters while holding their EBT cards, when working class people struggle to buy apples, rice and chicken quarters should get all politicians on board with bringing the abuse under control. Politicians like Rep. Rick Brattin isn’t saying that people in need can’t buy food. He believes they should buy healthy food, and the rest of the American people should find themselves agreeing.

Unless of course, those people are Liberal attack dogs who wants their own voter base to eat all the prime foods you can’t afford, at the expense of your own hard-earned taxes.

Welfare Recipients Should Be Drug Tested

Tax Payers should not be responsible for giving people cash assistance to people who are simply going to use that money to buy illicit drugs. Also many of those tax payers are drug tested for their jobs. If they are getting drug tested for working then people getting paid to do nothing should also be required to get drug tested.

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