Muslim Group “CAIR” Demanded Ben Carson Withdraw. His Response Has Them Regretting Their Decision

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Ben Carson, one of the many republican presidential candidates, stated in an interview that he would not support nor advocate for a Muslim to be president unless they abandoned Sharia Law. Very soon afterwards several organizations started calling for Ben Carson to step down and remove himself from the presidential race.

One of these organizations, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), held a press conference afterwards. Nihad Awad, the president and founder of the organization responded to Carson’s comments by stating: “We ask Mr. Ben Carson to withdraw from the presidential race, because he is unfit to lead.” However, according to the rules of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a tax-exempt organization cannot advocate for or against any specific candidate. This is the exact rule Ben Carson used when he requested that the IRS remove the tax-exempt status of their organization, currently the nation’s most popular Muslim activist group. Carson’s campaign leaders are now accusing Awad and the CAIR organization with participating illegally in the election by encouraging people to vote against a specific candidate.

“[T]he organization has brazenly violated IRS rules prohibiting tax-exempt nonprofits like CAIR to intervene in a political campaign on behalf of—or in opposition to—a candidate,” according to a report on Carson’s website. The campaign also demanded immediate action by the Internal Revenue Service:

The IRS should immediately revoke CAIR’s tax-exempt status. Under the Obama administration, the IRS has systematically targeted conservative nonprofit groups for politically motivated audits and harassment. The agency should now properly do its job and punish the real violators of America’s laws and regulations.

Carson’s statement about his view on a Muslim president has actually helped fund his campaign. His campaign has raised over $20 million in the last quarter alone with $12 million being raised in the typically dry funding month of September. After stating his opinion on NBC’s Meet the Press, $700,000 in donations were made within the first day and a half. It is clear to see that many citizens support Carson and his view on having a president that elevates Sharia law above US law..



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