Does Obama and his administration really care about the safety of Americans? That’s the question many citizens are asking, especially after this latest escapade.

In fiscal 2014 the Feds released 30,558 illegal criminals being held in jail. Why are these criminals being released back into the public, especially when they’re guilty of committing various crimes ranging from homicide and sexual assault to kidnapping and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The shocker is, these criminals only had to serve around six months prison time for their crimes. Why such a short sentence? Because they’re here illegally.

Currently there’s a court order on the books that only allows the Federal authorities to hold criminals for up to six months if their home countries won’t take them back. Which means after their very short time is served they’re released from prison and allowed to continue to live in the United States illegally. As can be expected law enforcement officials aren’t at all happy about this court order.

Paul Babeu, a sheriff in Pinal county Arizona, is livid with the release of the criminals, he’s even said Obama has basically, “led the largest prison breaks in the history of our country.” In an interview with Newsmax he said, “”These were the worst of the worst [criminals] – even the ones that President Obama said at one time needed to be deported. Now all of a sudden, we’re releasing tens of thousands of them into our community in really such a reckless manner that how do we not hold the president and these officials as co-conspirators in their crimes once committed?”

Babeu also mentioned how dangerous this release is for American citizens, the same citizens that expect the Feds to protect them from threats from other countries. He said these Obama policies “have lethal consequences for innocent American citizens who become victims.”

ICE director Sarah Saldana pointed out that the criminals were supposed to be let out under “supervised release.” And while that sounds all and good on the surface, it doesn’t address the fact that many of the areas along the border have law enforcement officials that are already stretched thin trying to keep their communities safe, and now tax dollars are supposed to be spent babysitting criminals that aren’t supposed to be in the country as it is.

This release is just another example of the border security crisis plaguing the nation. Without proper laws and security personnel put into place, threats like these criminals will continue to walk the streets putting the lives of innocent American citizens in danger.

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There are people around the world patiently waiting to become US citizens. There is no reason to reward law breakers with citizenship while other law abiding people follow our laws and go through the legal process to become citizens. Rewarding law breakers simply encourages people to break laws and it punishes people that choose to follow the rules.

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