Obama Removes Cuba From The State Sponsors Of Terror List : Cuba Is Still Sponsoring Terror Groups In South America

In an epic move of naive ignorance, the Obama Administration has removed the island nation of Cuba from the State Sponsors of Terror list. Or perhaps not so ignorant, but an underlying sinister agenda? Before anybody starts up about tinfoil hats, Obama has been photographed shaking hands with Cuba’s communist dictator, Raul Castro. Obama even bowed his head in respect to him.

The day after, not more than 24 hours goes by when America makes the announcement of this terrible deal, that a terror group long sponsored by Cuba, murdered 10 Colombian soldiers and wounded 17 others in a terrorist attack against a military base.

The violence happened in the Cauca region, which has been a stronghold for the so-called rebel fighters. The governor of the Cauca region, Temistocles Ortega revealed that four of the injured soldiers are in critical condition. They were supposed to be in peace talks with the Bogota government in an effort to end more than a half century of conflicts. Last December, there was a unilateral cease-fire in an effort to advance the negotiations. Of course, we wouldn’t expect terrorists to comply with such things as an important cease-fire agreement.

This five decade conflict has uprooted more than 5 million people, and killed more than 200,000. Yet, the Castro brothers continue to support the international terrorists. From Spain’s Basque separatist group ETA, an American domestic terrorist group called the Black Liberation Army, to the Colombian Marxist rebels FARC, Cuba has never changed its policy of defending leftist terrorism since Cuba was placed on the list in the first place.

The Cuban government has supplied these terrorists with housing, medical care and food ration books within their very borders, providing a safe haven for those terrorists. The Castro regime is also protecting 70 US fugitives, one of them being Joanna Chesimard – aka Assata Shakur, who is a convicted cop killer.

With so-called friends like these, who in the hell needs enemies, right?

The Obama Administration is sending the wrong kinds of messages to the terrorists of the world. Evil regimes that protect terrorists and criminals from deportation should not be given one ounce of respect, nor one ounce of leniency. To do so is to appear weak and stupid. In most cases when it comes to terrorists who are looking towards America as their next battleground, we have become a mighty tempting target.

Or perhaps Obama is looking to flee to Cuba, the moment he steps out of office and a new Department of Justice Attorney General has the guts to put him on trial as a traitor. If so, then this would start to make some rational form of sense.

Tell Congress That US Born ISIS Terrorist Fighters are not "entitled" to return to the United States and keep US Citizenship and Voting Rights

Democrats in Congress are fighting for US Born ISIS Terrorists to retain US Citizenship so they can return to the United States after fighting for ISIS. One should remember that ISIS has beheaded several Americans and written Fatwas condoning rape of non muslims. They have also vowed to raise the ISIS flag over the white house.

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