Obama’s New “Racial Database” Has Your Personal Information

President Barack Obama’s Administration does not stop at recording every phone call, E-Mail, and text message that you send through the NSA. It does not stop at having the ability to look and listen through your smart phone’s camera and speakers when the device it turned off and sitting on your bedroom nightstand or on your bathroom sink. The administration is not satisfied with having complete access to your medical records through the Affordable Care Act. They do not stop at deciding what your children should eat at lunch during school, or even deciding whether or not you will be able to home school your own children.

In keeping in line with an Orwellian Big Brother government from the Novel 1984, the administration has coordinated another collection of data through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The department used the Urban Institute to conduct a study throughout the United States using paired testing methodology to determine if the racial subgroups Whites, African-Americans, Hispanics, or Asians were being discriminated against when being shown properties by realtors. In their findings, it was determined that African Americans were shown 4% less the number of homes when compared with whites. To put this into perspective, out of one hundred houses shown, only four were not shown to African Americans that were shown to white people.

While he was serving as the United States House of Urban Development, Secretary Shaun Donavon made some remarks in response to the study. According to HUD’s website, Donavon said,

“Fewer minorities today may be getting the door slammed in their faces, but we continue to see evidence of housing discrimination that can limit a family’s housing, economic and educational opportunities… It’s clear we still have work to do to end housing discrimination once and for all.”

When the Obama administration finds a small pocket of US citizens that it can exploit to force through its agenda, it never fails to do so. We saw this with the Affordable Care Act where supposedly twenty million people were un- or underinsured, and the administration threw out the entire system in lieu of a system that has cost millions of Americans their insurance, their doctors, their full time status, and a new unconstitutional precedence that you must purchase a product in order to be a citizen of good standing in America. This is not to forget that the Obama Administration would not release the number of un- or underinsured individuals who signed up for Obamacare because they were still clicking their abacuses, and did not know how to look up how many people actually bought the service, but also that they had lied in order to cram the legislation through.

After laying that groundwork of trust and transparency, the Administration, through the Department of Housing and Urban Development, has devised another scheme to, as the President once put it, “Fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” (Imagine telling your spouse that you love everything about them, but after you are married, you are going to ‘fundamentally transform them.’)

HUD has announced that they will be instituting a new rule called the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Final Rule. (AFFHFR)

The AFFHFR is an addition to an executive order signed by Bill Clinton (12892) that forced financial institutions to lend money to minorities even if they could not afford to pay the loans back. It was no surprise that only fourteen years later, in 2008, there were millions of default mortgages and a housing bubble burst.

The AFFHFR is an effort to “desegregate” America. Because the Urban Institute showed that a small pocket (4%) of homes and rental units were not shown to minorities, the HUD has decided that they will use the massive amounts of data that the Administration has collected on the makeup of communities in America to make it more equal and fair. According to the NY Post, the agency will use 50% as a figure to gauge the amount of racism in a community. If there are more than 50% white people in that community, the HUD will force them to bring in more minorities by building more Section 8 housing, and renting more to minorities than whites.

Any communities that do not cooperate with this final rule, will find themselves without Federal Funding from HUD.

This, and many other policies from the Obama Administration are described as Socialist in nature. That they are more interested in fairness, and not so much with personal freedom or responsibility. Though President Obama, who was allegedly raised and mentored by a card carrying Communist, who sought out Marxist professors in College according to his own memoirs, and who allowed radical revolutionaries and fans of Mao Tse Tung in the White House will not say whether or not he is a Closet-Socialist, it is small wonder that the Bernie Sanders, a self- described Socialist could be the next Presidential nominee for the Democratic Party.

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