Obama’s Policies Levels Have Led To A Spike In Violent Crime: Liberals Worried It Could Hurt Reelection Prospects

In the last four years Obama has shown his true colors. Time and time again he has not only been soft on crime but at times pro-criminal. His department of justice sued business that had a policy to not hire felons (even though the federal government has the same policies.

Regardless of facts or evidence in every confrontation between police and criminals Obama has reactively sided with criminals. The result of this is a skyrocketing crime rate. And liberals are worried about the victims of these crimes. Just kidding. They are worried about their reelection chances. From the Daily Beast

Welcome to the ’90s. Crime Is Back: Will the Spike Help the GOP?

From New York to Chicago, Baltimore to New Orleans, and Milwaukee to Dallas, the hydra-headed scourges of crime, murder, and mayhem have returned. And as the country hurtles toward 2016, this grim reality could prove to be a political nightmare for the Democrats. But, for the Republicans, crime represents a well-trodden pathway to power.

Let me explain. As in 1968, crime again stands to dislodge the Democrats from the White House, in the same way that in 1988 crime helped propel George H.W. Bush to Ronald Reagan’s third term.

Look around—history can repeat itself. This past week, three men gunned down police Lieutenant Joe Gliniewicz in President Obama’s adopted home state of Illinois, even as people were mourning the execution-style killing of Darren Goforth, a Harris County, Texas, sheriff’s deputy.

Yet Obama and his party appear helpless, hostages to the same demographic forces they courted, and then rode to power. Having staked their future on the volatile axis of race and income, the Democrats are now witnessing crime reemerge as a campaign issue, and they are out of touch and ill-prepared, to say the least.


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