One America’s Most Decorated Veteran Calls Out Obama For “Openly Defying The Law”


Retired Major General Patrick Henry Brady is the latest among many American generals who have spoken publicly against President Obama and his blatant disregard for the Constitution. In reference to Obama’s handling of the border crisis, Brady calls the president out on “openly defying the law,” regarding the president’s repeated attempts to bypass Congress and turn his back on the law of the land.

Brady served for over 34 years in the United States Army and his missions in helicopter combat rescue during two tours of Vietnam earned him a Medal of Honor, just one of several accolades. Putting this impressive reputation on the line, Brady has gone on record against Obama’s attempt at immigration reform.

According to WND (formerly WorldNetDaily), Brady has been criticizing the president’s lack of action regarding the massive influx of immigrant children illegally crossing the U.S. border. He claims Obama’s lagging response to the situation is just a political maneuver to push towards amnesty for all illegal immigrants.

“We don’t need immigration reform. The root of America is that we live by the rule of the law,” says Brady. “We have laws that will put an end to this now, but what they are looking for is amnesty, which equals votes.”

The Obama Administration is openly referring to the border situation as a “humanitarian crisis,” insisting that these children be provided with temporary housing and medical care while awaiting their hearings within the immigration courts.

According to Brady, Obama is in direct violation of the law and abuses his executive authority to “allow these people who are criminals to stay here and to live here when they should be deported.”

Brady insists that it is not compassion driving the motivations of the administration and other prominent Democrats, but the idea of having an influx of future voters that drives them towards the amnesty movement.

Calling their bluff, he suggests that if liberals are so concerned about the welfare of the illegal minors coming across our borders, they should begin leading by example and “start adopting the poor children.”

Brady believes that Obama’s deliberate defiance of the law leaves only one option available to the American public and that is the call for impeachment.

“There will be no end to the incompetence of this government until Obama leaves office. If Nixon did one-tenth of what Obama did, starting with Fast and Furious, he would have been impeached by now.”

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