Polls Show Voters Back Trump Wall And Are Not In Favor Of Obama’s Amnesty


Every week there seems to be more polls over the politicians into their likability and what they have to say. It is no shock that Donald Trump is the topic of most of these new upcoming polls as he still remains the Republican front runner leading in to the second Republican debate. The most recent poll shows that although some people have disagreed with Trump’s stance on illegal immigration, the majority agree with his view of how to deal with illegal immigration.

Around 20,000 people went to hear Donald Trump speak at Ladd Peebles Stadium in Mobile, Alabama. During his speech he discussed in detail his plan to get the borders of the United States under control and kick the current illegal aliens out of the streets of what is now known as Sanctuary Cities. According to this week’s Rasmussen Reports, a national survey found that out of possible voters, including Republicans, Democrats and Independents, 51% like the idea of building a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico and 12% of voters are not sure of their view at this time. That leaves only a small percentage of 37% that disagree with building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. 80% of those that participated in the poll say they would support the deportation of any illegal immigrant convicted of a felony and 9% said they weren’t sure yet. The remaining 11% were against deporting illegal immigrants found guilty of crimes.

Among Republicans, 70% of likely GOP voters believe that the United States should build the wall to help prevent illegal immigration and 13% were undecided. On the question of whether illegal immigrants should be deported when convicted of a felony, 92% agree. Only 4% of those Republicans that were polled disagreed with deported criminally convicted illegal immigrants.

Trump’s view on “anchor babies” is also a popular topic among voters with 54% of voters agreeing with Trump that children born in the United States to illegal immigrants should not be granted automatic citizenship. Just 34% preferred Mr. Obama’s plan to protect an estimated five million illegal immigrants from getting deported. Also from the Rasmussen Reports, 63% said gaining control of the border is more important than legalizing the status of illegal aliens already living in the United States. This support is the highest it’s been since December of 2011.

When Trump first started focusing his campaign on illegal immigration and the trouble it causes, most people including the mainstream media laughed at him. However, shortly after a young woman was murdered in California by an illegal immigrant who willingly admitted he lived in San Francisco because they don’t enforce immigration laws. Now, the general public is starting to pay more attention to what Trump has been saying.

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