President’s Vacation Unfazed By Deaths Of Nearly 50 Americans From Weather And Terrorists

Obama Golf Hawaii

If America had a president who was as adamant and passionate about golfing, as he was about repairing the damage he has done to the state of the union, the economy, racial relations, and the War on Terror, the nation would be looking a whole lot different.

President Obama has continued his annual tradition of spending two weeks of the winter season enjoying golfing, fun in the sun, and relaxation. This is aside from the many, many, many, and many trips to the golf course that the president has enjoyed during the year, even as Americans are being beheaded, by the “jayvee” team ISIS, in the Middle East.

This year, the president has not let the deaths of six American soldiers, in Afghanistan, deter him from his long deserved vacation. The soldiers were victims of a motorcycle-riding suicide bomber, and marked the largest single loss of life in Afghanistan during the 2015 year.

The president did not stop hitting little balls made of rubber and plastic into holes when he received word that the mainland had been hit hard by an EF4 tornado, and severe flooding that has killed at least 24 people. Four of the victims are believed to be soldiers. In fact, over the course of the week, there have been an estimated 43 weather-related deaths across the country.

America can rest assured that President Barack Obama has a laser like focus and determination when there is a course that needs to be golfed.

In all seriousness, though, it begs the question, how many Americans’ deaths does it take for the president to suspend a game of golf, and address the problems facing a nation?

When a fourteen-year-old Islamic student, Ahmed Mohamed, brought a device to school that looked like a bomb, the president immediately extended an invitation to the White House. When 49 American citizens, including military members, lose their lives due to terrorist suicide bombings or natural disasters, the response is, “Keep on putting.”

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