PROOF: Guns In The Hands Of Citizens Do Stop Criminals

2nd Amendment Win

When President Barack Obama, newly refreshed and energized from his two week holiday vacation, a vacation that cost the tax-payers more than fifty million dollars, and returns to work, he will undoubtedly continue on his crusade against firearms in the hands of the American people.

A man who completely surrounds himself with guns is clearly not the person who should be telling others that guns do nothing to keep people safe, and only contribute to the problems that the country currently faces. But he is also part of the same administration that forced Obamacare on the American people while exempting itself from the negative effects.

A mother in Trotwood, Ohio demonstrated, just three days after Christmas, that guns are necessary for self defense, and that they do indeed work.

Around 6AM, the unidentified woman was in her laundry room when three suspects, all black males, kicked in the back door to her house. Ignoring the small children sleeping on the couch, the home intruders went straight for the mother and demanded that she take them to the safe.

After complying, the woman was then led back to the laundry room by one suspect while the other two attempted to haul the safe out of the house.

That’s when the mother reached for the gun that she had stashed nearby, and opened fire on the burglars. During her 911 call, she said that after she began pulling the trigger, the suspects immediately fled the home. She confessed that she was unsure whether or not she had hit any of them because she did not see any blood, but police found the body of 20-year-old Azikiwe Presley on a neighbor’s property.

Authorities are still searching for the other two suspects who have yet to be identified.

You can bet that Obama will not call this woman to tell her, “Great job,” or invite her to the White House like he did with “clock boy.” Instead, he and his cronies in the media will gloss over this woman’s courage, and the rights given to her by the Second Amendment that kept her and her children safe.

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