Read: John Wayne’s Daughter Released This Huge Public Statement About Trump

Although John Wayne, popularly known as “The Duke,” and fondly remembered for his legendary performances in such classic Westerns as 1969’s True Grit, has long since passed on, his daughter Aissa continues to carry the Wayne name. So it was no small affair when she wrote a letter showering praise on Donald Trump.

“My dad, I am sure, would be very proud of Mr. Trump and the goal to Make America Great Again! I want to thank Mr. Trump for the tireless work he is doing for this country.”

She went on to commend Trump for giving voice to the average American who feels disenfranchised in the current political and economic climate.

John Wayne Daughter Donald Trump

It is endorsements like this that contributed to making Trump so appealing to Americans like the ones Wayne describes in her letter. Horrified by the direction the country was heading in the last eight years, and disgusted by the impotence of it’s leaders, conservatives are, now more than ever, crying out for someone who embodies the values Aissa Wayne’s father so succinctly represented.

Unlike many Hollywood personalities, John Wayne was a natural-born conservative who believed that strength and confidence were positive attributes rather than character flaws and thus America should exude these qualities.

It is no coincidence that Donald Trump penchant for speaking his mind and standing by his stances is regularly mentioned not only by his supporters, but also by the media which, despite it’s clear disdain for him, begrudgingly acknowledges these aspects of his character.

US Herald elaborates further on “The Duke’s” status as a conservative in predominantly liberal Hollywood.

“The ‘DUKE’ was an outspoken and unabashed patriot, who wasn’t shy in calling out progressive hypocrites, and was indeed a rare commodity in Hollywood, which made him quite unique in that although he was a conservative he was a major power broker and perhaps the biggest icon in all American movie genre, with a successful career that spanned over 5-decades.”

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