School Officials Tell Student To Take Down American Flag

Peyton Robinson is a senior at York Comprehensive High School. He has two flags on his truck an American Flag and A POW-MIA Flag to support our troops. After being able to have the flag for several months school officials have told him to take the flag down.

The school is saying it was due to safety concerns although it seems possible that since the flag was allowed for several months it was due to a complaint by someone that is offended. A school official went and pushed the flag down so it was lying on the floor of the truck which is disrespectful of the flag and the people that have died defending it.

Also its confusing when schools started policing the safety of cars students drive. They don’t check to see if cars have air bags or other safety features. They don’t make sure tail lights are working. This seems more like an excuse than an actual reason.

Additionally the State Highway Patrol, the entity that actually deals with highway safety, said they don’t have a problem with the flags.

But the larger issue is that we should encourage students to love their country. More and more it seems the liberals in education are attempting to make students feel ashamed. That is just wrong.

Peyton said he would have understood if it was a confederate flag and that he would not fly the confederate flag on his truck but that he should be allowed to have an American flag.

Luckily other students at his school have vowed to start installing America Flags on their cars to protest the schools decision.

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