This State Has Implemented A Work Requirement … The Results Prove Obama’s Tactics Don’t Work


Governor Paul LePage of Maine passed a brave welfare reform measure last year that has yielded some promising results.

The measure states that in order to continue getting benefits, an able-bodied adult with no dependents (no children or disabled adults in the house) would need to complete a small amount of volunteer hours, or actual work hours for an employer, or be in the process of doing job training hours.

Any one of those three, and they have three months to start the process. Otherwise, the food stamp benefits will stop.

It makes complete sense to require some form of working to earn their food benefits.

If some Democrats had their way, they would give welfare away to anybody who asks for it, whether they could work or not.

When people start to depend on those hand outs, they have zero incentive to improve their situation. Governor Paul LePage turned that around for Maine’s taxpayers, and the results are in!

In December, there were 9,478 able-bodied adults without disability or dependents getting SNAP benefits. Just four months later, that number dropped to 2,530 who decided that a little work was worth keeping their benefits.

The largest decrease happened in Lincoln County. The number of people on SNAP dropped from 174 to 34, a huge 80% reduction.

The smallest reduction happened in Knox County, where 55% dropped out of the SNAP program because the long hours (20 volunteer hours per month) was just too much to ask for hundreds of dollars worth of free food each month.

York County dropped by more than 76%

Cumberland County dropped nearly 75%

Androscoggin County dropped almost 74%

Before any Liberals hulk out over this, keep in mind these are able-bodied adults without dependents who are more than capable of earning their benefits.

No children are going hungry. No five-year old kids with puppy eyes pleading with their hands out, saying, “Can I have a little more? Please?”

The ones who dropped out because they didn’t want to contribute to work had no legitimate reason for staying home all day.

They were just taking advantage of funds that they didn’t need, especially when there are so many more out there who could really use the help, but don’t because they choose to earn it the old fashioned way:

By working for it.


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