This State Has Allowed The Confiscation Of Guns Without Gun Owners Needing To Be Informed

California Confiscates Guns

There is a new law on the books in California, and it allows the confiscation of guns from law abiding citizens who are suspected of being a danger to themselves or others.

The Law is known as the “Gun Violence Restraining Order,” or Assembly Bill No. 1014.

The new law has taken affect as of January 1st, and allows a judge to issue a restraining order against any person to which there is reasonable suspicion of posing a threat to themselves or others. According to the law, the restraining order can last as long as one year. In addition, the gun owner does not need to be notified that the restraining order has been placed against them in the first place. They do not get a chance to prove that they are not a danger.

In affect, a law enforcement officer can just show up at your door, present a paper that says they have the right to seize your weapons, and then take them. If you are reported to be, or believed to be a danger to yourself or others, you will automatically be presumed guilty until proven innocent.

The immediate fear is that the decision as to who gets and who doesn’t get to own firearms falls into the hands of the justice system. The same justice system that pledged to prosecute people who used “anti-Islamic” rhetoric that “edges towards violence” after the San Bernardino shooting, the same justice system that found no evidence of intimidation when New Black Panther Party members were videotaped in full military uniform, and brandishing a nightstick in front of a voting center during Obama’s first run for president, and the same justice system that found no wrongdoing when it was discovered that the IRS was being used as a weapon against political enemies of Barack Obama.

When it is up to the same administration that has accused people with Conservative values, supported third party candidates, or verbally protested the murder of unborn babies as terrorists, this law has the ability to provide easy access for the government to seize American’s firearms. Given the sort of sweeping executive actions that the Obama administration has performed, and their clear disdain for the law when it hinders their goals, it is clear that they will not balk at going around any inalienable right of the American people to achieve their agenda.

This law goes against everything that is America, and is another attack on the liberties and freedoms of the American people.

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