Student Government Leader At UC Irvine: American Flag Represents Hate Speech.

University of California Irvine attendee Matthew Guevara is a different type of student – hopefully. He believes whole-heartedly that a flag can represent hate speech. I know there’s been a lot of talk in the news lately about the Battle Flag of the Confederate States causing hurt feelings and bad blood, but when most people think of flags that represent pure hatred, a couple that come to mind are the Nazi flag, or maybe the flag of the terrorist group ISIS. Of course that makes sense, but the flag that Guevara is referring to is our American flag.

Let’s for a minute forget about what you’ve personally learned and know about the Stars and Stripes. In a recent interview with Fox News reporter Ami Horowitz, UCI Student Government Leader Matthew Guevera stated that he introduced a resolution that would ban displaying Old Glory in the main lobby of UCI because it is a representation of hate speech. Guevara went on to state that the flag “is a tool to silence people.” So to ensure that people’s voices would not be silenced, he believed it better to remove the flag with, as he said, the support of virtually all the professors and graduate students.

Although Guevara claims his parents moved from Mexico so that they could make a better life for themselves and find work, what they discovered is that class mobility is a myth and that the U.S purposely holds people back from achieving success. So armed with his financial aid and taxpayer subsidized education he went so far as to write legislation that removes, as he sees it, the greatest symbol of evil in the world. Not only is our flag a symbol of evil but in his mind, the United States is the greatest force for evil the world has ever known.

It’s unfortunate that our education system is producing such useful idiots at a time when we are losing our country’s leadership position in so many other ways. Now watching the video, viewers can quickly discern that Guevara is obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer. And thankfully, there are still many other students at UC Irvine that believe the exact opposite of Guevara. They understand that the American flag has been a symbol of freedom and liberty around the globe for over 200 years.

People from all walks of life have given their lives in defense of the nation and ideals that the American flag represents. The flag that Guevara misunderstands as a symbol of hatred and intolerance is the exact same flag that stands in defense of the right for him to put forth his asinine views without fear of harm or imprisonment. I pray that when he’s a little older and wiser; he will come to realize that the same is not true in a majority of other countries around the world, and will finally learn to respect the symbol of this exceptional nation.

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