Do The PC Police Have Blood On Their Hands?? Suspicious Neighbor Of San Bernardino Shooter Didn’t Say Anything Due To Fear Of Being Labeled Islamophobic Or Racist

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Investigators looking into the San Bernardino shooting have discovered that at least one neighbor of the shooters was suspicious of the activities of the house. The neighbor described the events prior to the shooting that included an unusually large amount of packages being delivered to the home of Syed Farook as well as a half-dozen Middle Eastern men who were congregating at the residence. This was reported to be unusual for that community

The neighbor, sensing something was not quite right, chose not to report their suspicions for fear of being labeled Islamophobic or racist. Because the suspicion was not reported, eleven people lost their lives in the shooting.

But why have the American people been cowed into fearing to speak up against suspicions and concerns? Didn’t they say, “Never forget,” after 9-11? The term Islamophobic and racist have been cast around by the Left towards anyone who disagrees with their agenda.

Critics of Barack Obama’s policies that include an unconstitutional executive order that grants amnesty to millions of illegals, a sweeping health care bill that no politician had read before signing it into law, and an Iranian nuclear deal that will provide Iran with nuclear weapons are just a few objectives achieved by the administration that Republicans were called racists for opposing.

More recently, governors, citizens, legislatures, and the intelligence community have all expressed the folly of Obama’s plan to import 10,000 Syrian refugees without the ability to screen them for terrorist ties. The critics of the program are citing the safety of the American people as their main concern, and yet the administration has been placing labels on those who speak out.

When “clock kid” Mohammed brought a device to school that resembled a briefcase bomb, concerned citizens reported the incident to authorities. The reward for the tipsters was Barack Obama inviting the teen to the White House, a label of Islamophobia placed on the teacher that reported the incident, and a $15 million dollar demand from the clock kid’s family against the city and school district. It should be no surprise that people are afraid of reporting suspicious behavior, especially when it has to do with Muslims.

However, the fear of speaking out goes back further than the administration when six radicalized terrorists developed a plan to massacre American soldiers at Fort Dix in 2007. The group had been strategizing how best to perform the grizzly attack when they were thwarted by the vigilance of an everyday American citizen.

Though unnamed, an electronic store clerk sensed something was wrong when the Middle Eastern men asked him to duplicate a tape that showed militant jihadists firing assault rifles and yelling, “Allah Akbar.” The tip allowed the authorities to investigate and arrest the six men, and prevented a terrorist attack- or workplace violence as the administration calls it- the likes of which was seen at Fort Hood.


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