Ted Cruz Proposed A Three Year Ban On Refugees From Countries Controlled By ISIS And Al-Queda

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Republican Texas Senator and current Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has identified the need to grant states the right to dictate what type of refugees are allowed into the state. Earlier this month, Senator Cruz introduced a new legislation that would leave the refugee relocation platform up to the state government, permitting them to elect out if they so desired. He has also proposed a three-year ban on refugees from areas that have a large portion controlled by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS).

In a recent press conference, Senator Cruz refused to insult or attack Trump by instead saying that “I recognize that a great many folks in the media would prefer that anyone running for president would engage as an ongoing theater critic, criticizing the proposals of others. I do not agree with his proposal. I do not think it is the right solution. And the right solution I believe is the legislation that I’ve introduced.” During the course of the press conference, Cruz presented his bill that will enforce a three-year suspension on refugees coming from nations where ISIS or Al Qaeda controls a rather “substantial amount” of the region.

When asked why Senator Cruz believes in his position of freezing refugees from coming into the United States, he replied with, “The reason is simple: We have been told by the FBI they cannot vet these refugees, and our first obligation should be protecting our national security.” The second endowment Cruz provided was to urge Congress to pass an option for state governments to opt-out of allowing refugees into their states.

32 governors, both Democrats and Republicans, have released public statements condemning Obama’s plan of resettling the Syrian refuges in their states and request they not be moved into their state. Cruz complimented the governors who condemned Obama’s plan by saying “Those officials are doing their jobs. They’re honoring their commitments to the men and women who elected them. We need a president who will do the same.”

Senator Cruz also discussed the Expatriate Terrorist Act, which he introduced in November but was rejected and blocked by Democrats on Capitol Hill. This bill would have changed current United States laws which in turn would say that any American who joined any terrorist group overseas would automatically forfeit their United States citizenship.

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