Terrorism Is Not An Existential Threat To America… But The Climate Is

Eleanor Clift of the Daily Beast appeared on the “McLaughlin Group,” to assert that Senator Bernie Sanders was correct in his assessment that the droughts in Syria contribute to the unrest in that region.

She further added,

“…I think his larger point is that the existential threat we face is not from terrorism. It’s from climate change, and he’s right about that.” 

The idea that climate change poses a threat to the United States can be taken apart by the simple facts of the issue. The term climate change has gone through several adaptations to accommodate the facts that do not coincide with the argument. What started as ‘global warming’ evolved into ‘climate change’ when there was no warming, to ‘global weirding’ when there was increasingly cooler temperatures, and then back to ‘climate change.’

The fact that proponents of the argument of climate change will not look at the facts, and instead hide behind an unscientific method of ‘consensus’ shows that their argument is weak to begin with. It is further weakened by threatening those who question their religion of climate change with crimes against humanity.

The validity of Clift’s point about terrorism not being an existential threat to the United States lies in what the exact definition of an existential threat is. To put it bluntly, an existential threat against America is a threat to the survival of the country or a something that threatens to change the identity of the nation into something else.

ISIS has proven itself to be a more formidable opponent to Barack Obama, and his Nobel Peace Prize winning brain.

Just one day before the attacks on Paris, Obama appeared on national television to explain to the world that ISIS was mostly contained and weakening. The next day, the group launched an attack on another continent, away from their base of operations in Syria, and took the lies of at least 129 innocent civilians and left hundreds more injured.

Obama has also underestimated the radicalized Islamic organization. He referred to the group as a JV team and as a group of amateurs. Just a short time after Obama’s dismissive response, those amateurs swept through the Middle East and established a caliphate along the borders of Syria and Iraq. He has even refused to acknowledge that the ISLAMIC State has anything to do with Islam.

The group has claimed that they will infiltrate other countries by posing as Syrian refugees, a claim that they made good on after sneaking into Paris under the disguise of displaced Syrians.

Obama has stated several times that he will continue his program to import Syrian refugees despite warnings from American intelligence that we cannot vet the refugees for terrorist ties because we do not have any reliable database in Syria to compare them to. He plans to import 10,000 refugees even after ISIS has proven itself capable of smuggling its members into other countries by using such a method.

So the question is, does ISIS pose an existential threat to the United States? The answer is all within who is manning the gates, and keeping the American People safe. If it is a community organizer who has misjudged terrorist organizations every step of the way over the course of his seven years as president, then the answer is yes. More than any threat of a supposed man-made increase in temperature, ISIS will pose an existential threat to the nation.

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