Top ISIS Leader Killed In Airstrike

As the world recoils in horror at the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris this, we should not forget the headway we have made against the barbarians of ISIS this past year. Whereas it was once a seemingly-unstoppable army rampaging across the Middle East at will, it’s marauding hordes have now been confined to a single, confined area straddling the borders of Syria and Iraq, due in large part to a series of U.S. airstrikes against them. For every innocent civilian killed in Paris, thousands of ISIS militants who would have similarly spread terror had they had the chance have been killed by American and allied forces. Of course, there is still much to be done before the threat is finally neutralized, but we would do well to celebrate the advances of our military made against these murderers.

Take for example the death of Fadhil Ahmad al-Hayali, a high-ranking ISIS operative, last August. In the past he fought for Saddam Hussein’s army and Al Qaeda, al-Hayali never met a set of butchers he didn’t like, so it was only natural that he set up shop alongside the head choppers and enslavers of ISIS. Making a name for himself in that despicable organization, he quickly endeared himself to head (or should I say “beheading”) honcho Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, who promptly set him to work on the group’s logistical efforts and book keeping. He even played an instrumental role in organizing the terrorists’ 2014 siege of Mosul, a landmark event that helped spring the U.S. and it’s allies into action against them.

But the ex-Baathist-turned-Al-Qaeda-fighter-turned-ISIS-leader’s book keeping skills didn’t do him any good when the U.S. Air Force finally found and targeted the place he was staying at, snuffing the lowlife jihadist out before he knew what hit him. By remarkable coincidence, Abu Abdullah, a major ISIS propagandist, was with him at the time, meaning we killed two birds with one stone (or two turds with one bomb, as it were). Call me naive, but it can’t be good for ISIS’s morale knowing that the U.S. can take out their leaders just like that. Sure, many of them welcome death, but if they’re all dead, nobody will be left to fight for their cause, so they must realize that at least some of them have to survive, and doing just that is going to be very hard with American planes cruising at will across their skies.

In light of recent developments regarding the group’s tactics, it is definitely for the best that it’s minions are too paralyzed with fear to act. As the U.S. Herald reports:

“In other news, our military has found what it believes to be evidence of ISIS’s diversification of technique, in that chemical weapons, to include sulfur-mustard, commonly referred to as mustard gas, have been deployed on the warfront, to include against Kurdish forces.

Testing is underway by United States military personnel, and the Defense Department believes the claims of chemical weapons use, including the sulfur-mustard laced mortar rounds are ‘credible.’

It goes without saying that with every death of every ISIS leader we make progress in cutting off the head of this hydra. Good job US Armed Forces!”

Good job indeed Armed Forces! Keep these terrorists on their toes so that even if they do get ahold of chemical weapons, they’re too scared of what we’ll do to actually use them!

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