Top Navy Officer Fired For Exposing Threat To US Security That Obama Seems Intent On Ignoring


During a public appearance in February, Capt. James Fanell made comments regarding Chinese naval intentions. Shortly after these comments were made, Capt. Fanell was relieved of his position as the director of intelligence and information operations at U.S. Pacific Fleet. The question arises “Was a senior Navy officer demoted because he made comments contradictory to those of the Obama Administration?” Capt. Fanell is quoted as saying,

“(We believe) the (People’s Liberation Army) has been given the new task to be able to conduct a short, sharp war to destroy Japanese forces in the East China Sea following with what can only be expected (as) a seizure of the Senkakus or even southern Ryukyu (islands).”

When discussing the maritime territorial dispute in the Asia-Pacific and the possibility of Chinese seizure of the concerned islands, Capt. Fanell also stated “I do not know how Chinese intentions could be more transparent.” His comments were counteracting to what the Obama Administration has been asserting. The Pentagon claims that the United States and the Chinese Navy have been building ties and working on a cooperative military relationship and that there has been no indication that China is preparing for war with Japan or neighboring islands.

With 29 years of experience in naval intelligence, Capt. James Fanell has an established background and extensive knowledge of maritime strategy. The information Capt. Fanell discussed was not classified information and has already been declared in Chinese media. In reality, China does prefer short, sharp wars and has been appearing more aggressive lately. Capt. Fanell’s assessment is supported by past events that have demonstrated China’s assertive strategies. He has a straightforward and astute analysis of the situation and refuses to regurgitate Obama’s assertion that China poses no threat to its neighbors or the United States.

Capt. James Fanell is not the first government official to be fired or demoted due to comments made that differ from what the Obama Administration is saying. In an attempt to be politically correct, Obama has tried to quiet those who have differing opinions. Instead of addressing the real issue at hand regarding the Chinese Navy, Obama uses scare tactics to intimidate anyone from speaking out against his Administration. Capt. Fanell was simply informing the United States public about non-classified facts that the rest of the world was already beginning to become aware of.

The precedence Obama is setting will discourage any other government officials from notifying the public about potential threats and other matters we have every right to know about. Obama and his administration have been very concerned with defying the constitution to provide amnesty for illegal immigrants as opposed to the real concern of U.S. national security and those who choose to inform the public of potential threats risk unjustified penalties. Capt. James Fanell has received great support for his candor and honesty. Instead of discouraging officials to inform the public, the Obama Administration should address the comments and acknowledge the relevant concerns.

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