Trump Has Revealed The First Department He Will Cut … Liberals Are Freaking Out

Trump To Cut Common Core

President Trump announced that a Federal agency may be finding itself in his cross-hairs and, possibly, may find itself eliminated completely.

The Department of Education has been criticized over the years for its abysmal results as well as its adoption of Common Core. Speaking to Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace, Trump said,

“I may cut Department of Education. I believe Common Core is a very bad thing. 

I believe that we should be, you know, educating our children from Iowa, from New Hampshire, from South Carolina, from California, from New York. I think that it should be local education.”

He explained that his efforts would be aimed at moving education to a state and local level, and giving parents more control over what their children are learning.

Stories have emerged, over the last few years, of Islamic indoctrination, growing drop-out rates, and a lowering the bar for teachers out of fear that the tests to be a teacher are racistMany parents have opted for homeschooling their children as an alternative to a government provided education.

To be clear, Donald Trump’s message that he was considering eliminating the Department of Education was made prior to taking office. Considering the fact that he has appointed Betsy DeVose as his Secretary of Education to lead the Department of Education, the odds that Trump is still aiming towards eliminating the department decrease dramatically.

However, the Left cannot be happy about the fact that a man who would one day be president even suggested that he was considering to slash the heavily bureaucratic Department of Education.

It’s also interesting to note that Trump was, during the same interview, considering the idea of eliminating the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from the federal government.

“Environmental Protection, what they do is a disgrace. Every week they come out with new regulations.”

Wallace asked Trump a follow-up question of who would protect the environment with the absence of the EPA. Trump’s response:

“We’ll be fine with the environment.”

Since Barack Obama took office in 2008, the Obama administration had issued more than 80,000 pages of new regulations created by bureaucrats who do not answer to the American People. Senator Mike Lee posted the following post on his Facebook Page:

“Behold my display of the 2013 Federal Register. It contains over 80,000 pages of new rules, regulations, and notices all written and passed by unelected bureaucrats.

The small stack of papers on top of the display are the laws passed by elected members of Congress and signed into law by the president.”

New Regulations

Although Trump has not followed through on completely eliminating entire federal agencies, his administration has been working to roll back regulations enacted by unelected bureaucrats.

After taking office, Trump enacted an executive order that would require federal agencies to eliminate two regulation for every one that they create as well as mandate that any new regulations be cost-neutral.

Though Leftist political pundits may not be happy about it, President Trump’s efforts to roll back Obama-era regulations are a big step towards Making America Great Again.

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